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Contract standards²

Work culture in the world has been rapidly changing over the past several years. Because of this, many companies are choosing to create a workforce based on what works for them, rather than the traditional model of employment. In this respect, independent contractors have been a growing segment of the workforce, with many businesses choosing to create a team based on multiple different working relationships: employees and contractors alike.  The biggest thing to remember in setting up any working relationship is that it's illegal to intentionally miscategorize a worker.

Employment and employment agreements in the United States are subject to both federal laws and specific state laws. For example, the federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) covers wages and overtime pay for certain sectors. State laws, however, may define and restrict how employers can protect themselves if an employee tries to take their clients or use confidential information.


As an independent contractor, Blake Sound reserves the right to control how tasks are completed, what tools are used, and direct almost all elements of work related to audio unless stated otherwise in the contract for a specified reason.  Although, Blake Sound does offer daily updates on project progress along with its own integrated private communications network.  Out of generosity, work reports are available with detailed instructions.


Blake Sound is able to hire other sub-contractors to assist with the workload or do their work for them. Clients do not control this feature of the relationship.


Although Blake Sound provides much of its own equipment, the rental or purchase of equipment may be needed.  The contractual agreement to acquire the necessary tools must be discussed beforehand and agreed to on a specific amount before proceeding. 


Blake Sound is entirely responsible for its own tax liabilities.


As Blake Sound may have a relationship with an outside individual or production company, the length of time that Blake Sound will be working for the employer is not indefinite, even though the relationship may be meant to grow. For most employers, Blake Sound is only to be hired for a limited time and/or a specific task.


Upon accordance of employment, a minimum of 50% of the total agreed cost must be paid, followed by the remaining 50% after the job is completed.  Payment can be made via Bank Transfer, PayPal, or Crypto currency (depending on if employers state law allows it).  False representation, intentionally miscatagorizing work relationship, or lack of payment is illegal and can be penalized by law.  Late payments will result in applicable penalties.


Blake Sound is permitted to openly advertise their services anywhere they see fit and to take on new clients whenever they would like.  Likewise, has the right to promote prior work once it’s been officially promoted by the client at hand.



Although remote working in the field of post-production is known to extend the hours of work naturally due to time constraints, it is important to understand the FLSA (Fair Labor Standards Act) that requires employers to pay hourly employees 1.5 times their hourly pay for every hour over 40 hours in a work week.

1.5x hourly rate:

    •    Hours worked over eight in a workday
   •    First 12 hours on your 6th day
   •    First 8 hours of work on your 7th day

2x hourly rate:

    •    Hours worked over 12 in a workday
   •    Over 8 hours on your 7th day





Payment details, tax information, company details will be given upon completed contract(s) and/or invoice(s).


Invoices can be modified in accordance to the copany’s filing system(s)

Health Precautions

Health Precautions


Certificate of completed vaccination available upon request.

Type of Vaccine:  SARS-CoV-2 mRNA vaccine

Vaccine medicinal product:  COVID-19 Vaccine Moderna

Manufacturer: Moderna Biotech

Number in a series of vaccinations and number of doses:  2/2

Date of Vaccination:  2021-08-24

QR code readily available for travel.


Health Insurance

Privately insured in the E.U. (Spain) More information available upon request.

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