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Blake history

Constantly exploring.  Evolving with technology.

Welcome to this brief overview of my career spanning over 20 years.  This is written with a personal touch and therefor touches briefly on some personal experiences that lead me to make new paths in my travels.

The sound guy

Over 20 years of experience in working on various projects that required  sound. From full length feature films and commercials, to podcasts and large scale art installations.


At the age of 18 I started working for the iconic figure Roger Corman.  The sound department was my sanctuary.  For the first 6 months I interned I worked in post-production on 3 films, doing everything on Pro Tools III.   From logging footage and sounds, to doing foley and editing sound effects.   The following year I was officially the youngest sound editor on the payroll in the industry  editing sound, music, and even assisting in ADR and mixing sessions. 

Berlin calling

A few months after my 22nd birthday I got a call to work on a 3D Animated TV Series in Berlin.  From quirky sound design to playful music editing, it was fun.  Not to mention the whole entire production team was under one roof, so I got to hang out with some of the animators and editors.  One year later, after working on several episodes overseas I headed back to LA.  From there I dove more into music production and mixing, which led me to New York, and then finally back to Berlin again.

Hell's Kitchen

Years later I got another call from a good friend.  This time I was going back to LA to work on reality shows.  Big projects, tight deadlines, quick turnarounds, and no time for anything but studio time.  After one year, I had worked on a couple seasons of the Road Rules, The Challenge, and parts of The Real World.  Although I got a lot quicker in editing and mixing, the hard truth is, I didn’t feel good about the projects I was working on.  I headed back to Berlin and went back to working on music and indie films. 


I’ve had the wonderful privilage to have won awards from my work, on my own films as well as others.  After the 2020 pandemic hit, my post-production workload kicked into high gear.  In 2021 alone, I have worked on several commercials and short films.  Not to mention, building up the courage to make a masterclass.

Music Career

The music artist

A lifetime of learning and experiences.  From composing classical sheet music at a young age, to producing top chart hits for the masses.


Skipping all the boring details like “when I was age 7…” and all that, I’ll start with around the same time I started working at Roger Corman Studios (above).  I was not only editing music for the TV Series ‘Black Scorpion’, but also composing electronic music for an international TV series called ‘High Speed Chase Pursuits’ which would later develop a cult following in Eastern Europe.  By the time I moved to Berlin, I already had a pretty big music catalog, but little did I know, my career would be growing exponentially. 

The Music Group

Over the course of a decade, my group and I released several albums, signed to a few labels, did thousands of shows, had hundreds of thousands of fans and then eventually got sick of each other -Ah yes, the rock star life.  I learned many things including showmanship, communication, and how to deal with big egos.

Solo Career

Of course, it’s the road every music artist has to take after breaking up with the band.  After a few years I had played in hundreds of major events and opened up for many major acts including ‘Machine Gun Kelly’ and ’50 Cent’.



The film director

Awarded for several films, Nominated over 20 times, and recognized by AFI, AACTA, and ACS.  From documenting slavery in Brazil to teaching kids from Third World countries how to use their phone to film and document professionally.  Blake is also the founder of the Mobile Film Academy in Los Angeles.


Before heading to Brazil to shoot a documentary about slavery in the sugar cane fields, I would draw storyboards in hopes to make a film one day.  Living in LA I would get  chance to watch film productions take place.  I even got a chance to visit ILM (Lucas Ranch).  I would document my  journeys in the thought that one day it may be viewed by others.

Music Videos

Within the time of my music career beginning to take off, I would shoot experimental music videos and edit them for live shows.  Later on I began to shoot and direct my own music videos and eventually get recognized by over 4 million viewers on YouTube. 

Short Films

When the iPhone 6s came out it offered 1080p, and was not considered a camera.  So, without the need for permits, I never left the house without my camera.  Since then, I have won 5 awards internationally including best cinematography by the Australian Cinematographers Society, and have also been recognized by AFI and ACTAA for my endeavors. 


I am the founder of the Mobile Film Academy in Los Angeles with a growing number of students from around the world.  I have written 50 short films, 1 feature film and continue to write on a daily basis.

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