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Independent Filmmaker

Blake is a very dedicated filmmaker who has experimented a lot...and you can feel it because he's teaching is simple and clear.  Blake is not a normal teacher... he is a hyper-active and truly passionate filmmaker who's able to transfer enthusiasm together with notions... After a few months, I started to get my first paid video-jobs too... if there is one person I owe my motivation to is absolutely Blake. He shared his knowledge with me, he inspired me to realize my own experience.

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Writer & Director

Blake is a really passionate man in my eyes. When he is excited about something, he learns everything he needs to know and get all into it, because he wants to fully understand it, to then put it into practice. This is what it’s like to get taught by him. You get the full package. Of course something is expected from you too, and he really holds you accountable. Keeps you going. Would recommend to everyone that wants to learn filmmaking in a holistic approach and in a short amount of time.

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Writer & Actor

It's been my most favorite class that I have ever found, and it's because of the style that Blake teaches and relaxed the atmosphere he makes it to be.  It has also been the fullest kind of class in terms of what you get.  I've never done a class that incorporates so many important elements.  There is especially a free atmosphere to explore and have fun, and that is why I got so much out of it too.

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Loved every second in class. In the amount of time given with Blake was not only both inspirational, captivating but also a life learning lesson. Going in with absolutely nothing, I came out with the knowledge and encouragement to my Pursuit of Happiness. Acting.



Actor, Writer, and Director

Blake is an incredible and inspiring teacher. His classes on filmmaking give you practical tips on how to become a filmmaker and most important on how to start TODAY. He motivates you to get active while giving you the right tools to turn your plans into actions.

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Independent Filmmaker

First and foremost, it was really fun!   With just a few tools (including a functional and free video editor) we were able to make a small film story in a short time. Despite the short time available to us, Blake was able to give us the basic knowledge necessary to make our ideas come true in a simple and effective way. I recommend it to all people who want to venture into the world of visual arts but don't have the time or opportunity to take an intensive course.

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Actor & Writer

I highly recommend attending Blake's classes if you want to learn in a safe space and an environment that is warm and welcoming. There is no room for judgement and you can‘t get it wrong, so don‘t let that fear hold you back. Blake's class is worth your money and your time. I am nothing but glad that I attended it and met excellent artists and wonderful human beings from all over.



Independent Filmmaker

Passion.  Incredible passion and many, many tricks from a professional actor and sound designer with experience in directing, editing, and color grading.  From the script until the post-production and special effects Blake can help in every phase of filmmaking, anything that you must follow to create a movie.  Recommended.  No doubt: 5 stars.



Actor, Writer & Director

Blake is super informed and very motivated. He motivates you to work more and better. He shares everything he knows and supports you any way he can...  He learned by him self so much and helps you do the same yourself!  I recommend him for Video Production or Film Production too. Check his work, the man does a lot of different things and all of them very good.



Independent Filmmaker

Amazing lessons!  I was able to create so much content that I didn't even realize that I had a film.  Blake guided me to the point where I feel so confident shooting anything I want!  Also, he doesn't just tell you technical stuff, there's so much more he offers that other teachers don't.



Actor, Writer & Director

Patient, Professional, Knowledgeable, Personable & Clear is how I would explain my working with Blake. I had no experience using my phone to make movies. After working with Blake I’m getting ready to make my 1st film and it’s all because he gave me the confidence and the knowledge to be able to do so. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Blake.


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