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Helping people's dreams become reality since 2018.

The Mobile Film Factory

An online indie academy 
Thriving with a creative community.  From actors practicing together to screenwriters sharing constructive feedback, the Mobile Film Academy is a social and creative environment that thrives on its positive encouragement and professional feedback. Thanks to the technology of smartphones, the Mobile Film Academy brings everyone all together to motivate each other to just go out and bring their story to life without any limitations whatsoever. Life is mobile.


Blake shares various techniques (Sanford Meisner, Stella Adler, Lee Strasburg, Konstantin Stanislavski, Micheal Checkhov) and adds some of his own which include various improv methods. The root of all these techniques is listening.


Like a painter who must learn the colors and brushes to obtain the freedom to fully express themselves through their art, you must learn to understand your mobile phone as not only a film camera but a complete production house to its potential.


In storytelling, there are many ways to express yourself. Each individual has their own sensitivity to how they see the world, their own personal imagination, and experience. Explore the different approaches to writing so that you can find your voice. 

Into the creative future.

Are you overwhelmed with how fast technology has evolved in the last 3 years to the point where you feel lost in today's workforce integration? With the following courses, you will be up to speed. 3 years compressed into 3 hours. Step into the future with confidence.

Ai Basics

Discover the essentials of artificial intelligence in this course, designed for a non-technical audience. Explore AI concepts, its impact on our future, and its real-world applications without the need for coding. Gain insights into the AI-driven world we're entering, making it accessible to everyone.

Coming soon

Pro Streaming

In today's future, it's common to have a professional streaming or video-call environment. OBS is the #1 platform for professionals, whether it be the average video caller or proactive streamer. Learn the essential basics to make an impression at your next meeting or stream session.

Coming soon

Mixed Reality

Understand the world of mixed reality, from having large events in a virtual world to using a spatial canvas to create sculptures and new worlds. The possibilities are endless and many new applications are yet to be discovered. Whether on your phone, computer or headset -discover the possibilities of today.

Coming soon


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